Business Process Improvement

  Is your business operating at peak performance?

Are you active in your most profitable markets?

Do your products and services meet customer quality requirements, all the time?

Do you help your suppliers improve their business, and thus pass on to your customers?

Do you have the right people to reach your goals?

Management Consulting
Six Sigma / Process Assessment

Oil & Gas Industry
GE Energy (France)
Royal Dutch Shell (Netherlands & Canada)

Verizon Wireless (USA)
Vodafone UK
Du (UAE based telco)
HCL (telco auditing services)

Financial Services
DVB Bank (Germany)
GE Capital (USA)
SWIFT (Belgium/KL/USA)

Supply Chain / Logistics
Tejari Inc (UAE e-commerce exchange)
Global eXchange Services (USA)
CVRD (Brazil ship, rail & truck logistics)
Your business operates within three core processes:

  1. DESIGN a product or service
  2. SELL a product or service
  3. SUPPORT a product or service after the sale

Every employee contributes to a core business processes and should focus efforts on their direct contribution to one of these areas.  Any change to drive process improvement requires clear understanding of the impact on your core operations.

If you align the work effort of your employees directly towards these core processes, you eliminate waste, improve customer satisfaction, and reach your peak performance. A sustainable change depends upon a well positioned continuous improvement program.

Inahsak Inc. provides rapid process assessment of any business process, any division, any industry.  A Process assessment approach identifies efficiencies and best practices so that you can share beneficial activities throughout your business.  Process Assessment also determines the full capacity of your core structure, so that you can realize the full potential of your business model.

If you are serious about implementing a sustainable continuous improvement program, it is critical to build consensus, momentum, and clear agreement among key process owners to support the desired outcome. A Lean Six Sigma, Process and Continuous Improvement consulting approach enables a rapid assessment of the current status and identifies the gaps that need to be eliminated in order to achieve desired goals.

A typical engagement lasts only three months, resulting in an intense understanding of the capability of your current operations, drives consensus into your organisation, and implements key improvements that will drive your business towards peak performance.

The best part is that your organisation does not have to be Six Sigma certified in order to benefit from Lean Six Sigma consulting.  Inahsak Inc. is experienced in applying this proven methodology without disrupting your current operations, and bringing about rapid and sustainable continuous improvement.

Contact us now, and let us discuss with you how you can discover a better, more effective way to grow your business.


All businesses go through a life-cycle of service maturity. Products and services move through markets in a natural evolution of Newness, then Acceptance and finally, Challenges for growth. New products may become Star performers. Accepted products and services become the much desired Cash Cow, ensuring a foundation for future innovation. Left too long, an unevaluated market placement may turn into a Dog - a low performer that not only brings losses, but may even bring about a perception of poor quality.  As markets continually put pressure on businesses to raise the bar on performance and quality, it becomes even more important to understand how your products and services are perceived by your customers.  Lean Six Sigma ensures you check on the demands of the market on a regular basis, and incorporate these requirements into your growth and development strategy, a basis for continuous improvement efforts.


Quality needs to be measured in the eyes of the customer. Recall the old marketing adage, that a customer having one bad experience will tell nine people, while a customer having a good experience might tell one other person about it. That marketing rule was established before the days of internet blogs, cell phone messages, and the scores of social networking sites that can spread news, both good and bad, with lightening speed. There are ways to establish how your customers view the quality of your service on an on-going basis - so that you meet their needs now, and continue to grow with the rising bar of expectations.  Using Lean Six Sigma gives your business a method to measure and track how well your business supplies products and services on a continous basis.  You will develope key metrics to measure the success of your business, and have information to act proactively to maintain your performance goals.  Metrics that give you information to stay ahead are the most important tools to remain in a state of continous improvement.


The full end to end supply chain is no longer a mystery to savvy business operators. However, it still falls short to explain why a business owner should care about their vendors process streams. After all, if a supplier finds a way to improve their operations in both quality and cost, would not that benefit be passed on to your business, and then on to your customers? Helping suppliers understand your business helps them modify their own so that the entire supply chain becomes a win-win cycle, with customers feeling the biggest benefit.  Lean Six Sigma consulting incorporates the full end to end customer process, so that the entire supply chain feels the benefit of continous improvement.


We have all heard that it is the process, not the people, that causes delay, waste, and other quality impairments in business today. However, some businesses grow their sales and marketing divisions faster than their operations and the result is disappointed customers. While revenues seem to be increasing, the customer service levels drop as capacity is saturated and cannot perform at the new demand levels. It is possible to review your business as a value stream of the full end to end customer experience, so that if you design and sell new products and services, your full operations will be able to support it, including your back office functions. Some of the fastest growing companies are unable to bill their clients due to invoice backlogs onto old procedures built on old volumes.  The Lean Six Sigma consulting approach allows your most valuable asset, your employees, to participate and share their insight to daily operations in order to ensure fully accepted change and process improvement.